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DIY Stay-At-Home Spa Day

A  bachelorette party doesn’t have to mean a wild night out. For a low-key bride-to-be, a soothing spa day is just the ticket! Sip pink champagne cocktails while soaking your feet in an aromatic citrus rose petal bath. (Wrap up in a fluffy white robe for maximum comfort!) Consider including a “Beauty Shower Bar” complete with salts, scrubs, and soaps. Guests can make their own goody bags,  while the the glass apothecary jars serve as pretty party decor! Invite guests to your relaxing spa day with PaperSnaps’ Manis & Martinis  Bachelorette Party Invitation. Let the pampering begin!

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PaperSnaps’ Manis & Martinis Bachelorette Party Invitation, Relaxing Foot Soak Recipe, Nail Polish Hostess Favor, Beauty Shower Bar, Cocktails, Monogrammed Bath Robe

Tea with the Bride-to-Be!

Spring is nearly here, and with it comes a slew of showers for all the summer brides. Make use of all the May flowers by hosting an outdoor garden tea party! Request that your guests wear their Sunday best, perhaps with a derby-style hat or within a specific color palette, to cultivate a cohesive look . Arrange fresh-picked blooms in clear glass bottles for simple yet elegant table decor. Serve classic high tea snacks, like dainty finger sandwiches and individual cakes. Teacup candles make a super cute party favor, or even a fun DIY activity. (Start thrifting now!) Invite guests to your sophisticated shower with PaperSnaps’ Elegant Tea Bridal Shower Invitation: the perfect look for a feminine, vintage-inspired event!

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Tea Party Bridal Shower by papersnaps.comPaperSnaps’ Elegant Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation; DIY Teacup Candle, photo by Nicole Van De Wettering, Benedictine Tea Sandwiches, Tea Party Hats, Cupcake Display, Flowers in Vases


Rustic Winter Wedding

Romantic rustic themes have been all the rage lately, and January brides who crave this look may have a seasonal advantage. Winter skies and snowy landscapes suit a relaxed neutral color palette, and evergreen garlands are on clearance! Regional climate may call for a faux fur stole – an elegant vintage look on both the bride and her maids! A warm grey suit for the groom will compliment the bride’s look, while winter foliage and pine cone boutonnieres add just the right amount of rustic charm. Make blankets available to your guests, especially if the ceremony is outside. Arrange them in a wire basket or drape them over seat backs to encourage guests to cuddle up! A ‘naked’ cake (no decorative frosting) adorned with thyme sprigs adds a simple earthiness to your dessert table. Place on a wooden cake plate for a natural touch. Invite your guests to your cozy affair with PaperSnaps’ Winter Birch Trees All-in-One invitation: a perfect blend of modern and rustic!

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Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration BoardPaperSnaps’ Winter Birch Trees Wedding Invitation; Wedding Cake; Julie + Shane, Photograph by Lauren Fair Photography; Pine Cone Necklace; Blankets by Meg Smith Photography; Winter Boutonnieres

Christmas Cookie Swap Soirée

While fun, festive, and delightfully delicious, Cookie Exchange Parties can be a big ordeal. Baking six dozen cookies isn’t easy, unless you’re Bakerella, but having an assorted tray of goodies to take home is definitely worth it! Though specific swapping rules may vary by hostess, each guest generally bakes enough cookies to share at the party and to swap with the other guests. We love the idea of pre-packaging sets of cookies for easy swapping at the end of the night! (A redecorated Pringles can makes a super cute, and perfectly sized, cookie container!) Party decor can be relatively tame; let the Christmas cookies shine! Create a simple buffet with empty jars that will be filled as your guests arrive with their cookies! Chalkboard jar labels let guests write-in their treat name. Serve milk in cute bottles with festive red striped straws. If you wish to carry the invitation theme throughout the event, set up a gingerbread house decorating table for crafty guests. In addition to the holiday treats, include a party favor for your hardworking guests, like a vintage cookie cutter or a mini-book of all the cookie recipes. By the time they leave the party, they’ll already be looking forward to the next one!

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Christmas Cookie Swap Soirée Inspiration Board by

Papersnaps’ Gingerbread Cookie Holiday party Invitation, Cookie Packaging, Gingerbread House, DIY Milk Bottle, Cookie Cutters, Cookie Jars

A ‘Loverly’ Bridal Shower

Black & white is a timeless and sophisticated combination, though some worry the absence of color may seem dull rather than refined. But this simple palette is anything but boring when inspired by the Ascot Racetrack scene from the classic movie-musical, My Fair Lady! In this beautiful (and hilarious) scene, the high-society attendees at the opening day race are costumed entirely in black and white. Keep your party equally posh by issuing a black & white dress code. Encourage enormous hats and fancy fascinators for the proper upscale ambiance. (Guests can also DIY a fascinator with this  P.S. I Made This tutorial!) Spray painted horses are delightful as unexpected table decor, and bows made of black & white striped ribbon, mimicking the trim on Eliza Doolittle’s iconic dress, are striking on a white cake. Serve guests a “cuppa tea” or coffee in elegant china along with dessert, and send them home with lots of chocolates in a beautifully wrapped box!

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My Fair Lady Bridal Shower Inspiration Board by

Papersnaps’ Black & White Birds Bridal Shower Invitation, Black & White Hat, Tea Cup Photo, Striped Favor BoxesStriped Cake, Horse Figurine Placecard